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Working with customers in a highly personalized way

In late 2013, Althaea began laying the foundation for starting companies in Cebu, Philippines based on working with customers in a highly personalized way. Every one of the VUXID Group's businesses has since inherited the goal of creating value for every customer in an up close and personal way.

Today, The VUXID Group is major player in the world of technology and business process outsourcing. As a holding company with the network and resources of a global company, our interests are diverse and concentrated in six specific areas:

+ Recruitment and staffing

+ Business process outsourcing aka BPO

+ Strategic business matching and workshops

+ Creative agency focusing on mobile and web app development

+ Online branding and marketing

+ Hosting and content delivery for countries of the 3rd world

We are nimble, responsive and fiercely independent. Still up close and personal, The VUXID Group now adds up close and powerful.

We welcome you to take a closer look at the VUXID Group's family of businesses.

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